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Reclaiming my mother tongue

My Chinese was much better as an 8 year old. My handwriting looks about the same today (ie atrocious), but I can't remember how to read or write half these words. Lately, mum has been patiently sitting down with me going through my old primary school level Chinese workbooks. Languages are freaking hard to learn!

Chinese seasons

Rough English translation (in a less poetic tone):
I know when spring has arrived
Flowers blossom and little birds sing

I know when summer has arrived
Everyone wears less clothes

I know when autumn has arrived
Everyone sweeps the fallen leaves

I know when winter has arrived
Northern winds blow and snowflakes float


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Feb. 13th, 2012 05:46 am (UTC)
I always intend to re-learn my chinese, because it's so shameful that it's my uni sub-major lol!

Good on you, I hope you are more successful than I on your revision - luckily you have your mum :)
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