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A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the revival of the musical Hot Shoe Shuffle at the Lyric Theatre. I only knew two things about it: that it had tap dancing set to big band tunes, and that it was Australian. Oh, and that it had a terrible logo. The first quarter trundled along with bad jokes and an awful script but well into the second half I was wishing the show would never end. Once they donned on top hats and coat tails and tossed away any remaining shreds of the story, it was one thrilling dance sequence after another. I loved that the entire band got to feature on stage in the second half, all dressed to the nines in white tuxedos as they played brass heavy jazz tunes by the likes of Ira & George Gerswhin and Duke Ellington. A highlight was watching the Puttin' On The Ritz in homage to Fred Astaire with five of the tappers, followed by a lightning fast tap solo from newcomer Max Patterson. Bobby Fox as the leader of the seven brothers also has a jawdropping solo of his own. Jaz Flowers (who played Tracy Turnblad in 2010's Hairspray) was spell-binding as a goofball turned sultry bombshell. I didn't like her in the recent season of The Voice as she oversang everything but she mastered the art of subtlety in songs like How Long Has This Been Going On and I got goosebumps as she hit the killer notes. Seriously, her talent on stage matches the standard of West End and Broadway.

It was evident that the performers were having a good time and a couple of times they tried to suppress random fits of giggles when they flubbed their lines. However, the men looked a little nervous for the grand finale when the divided platform was brought out, and understandably so, as it is sheer insanity. Here's that number from the original cast 21 years ago, starring David Atkins (and a baby-faced Adam Garcia).

Here's another version of Puttin' On The Ritz by this year's top 20 and choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance. Ten seasons on and it's still as amazing as ever. I've watched this group dance roughly 10 times and I'm still bowled over by how it's all done in one take!